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I have a Plan!

In order to reach a goal – no matter what it is, you need a plan. You can’t just go all willy nilly and expect it to just happen. To reach my “big” weight loss goal, I have come up with a plan. I have been weighing in for about 3 weeks now with just a little change, I seem to be going back and forth! I had a rather slow Friday at work so I put it all together, from 12/6 – 5/2 (goal day) I have it all laid out. Now I just have to execute.

As I went through college, I became dependent on a calendar or my agenda – that has followed me and I continue to rely on it heavily. Having something written down and scheduling my days is a motivator for me.

I am going to share the plan with you for 2 reasons:

1. To give you an idea of what a fitness plan looks like and what should be included

2. To hold me accountable – I have shared it so I must do it!

So here it is:

Sundays: Running & Cooking for the week

Mondays: I teach Total Body

Tuesdays: I teach Abs/Core and I will run

Wednesdays: I teach Stretch and Cycle

Thursdays: I teach Cycle and I will run

Fridays: I will do a pre-scheduled WOD, mostly Bodyweight and they all include some form of Cardio.

Saturdays: I will Run and if possible take a class or 2 at the gym by my house ClubWorx

*Running 4 days/week, Weight Training 3-4 days/week, and I will be increasing the intensity of both gradually.

Also, on Pinterest you will find all of these 30 day challenges and I love challenges. Each month I will do a different one, these are going to be tough. If you miss a day, you have to add it on to the next!

December: Squats

January: Plank

February: Push-ups

March: Sit-ups

April: Lunges

May: BUM!

I have set myself on a beginner running plan because I have struggled with muscle soreness and discomfort when I have tried to run after my surgery. I am easing into it..big time. I picked a 20 week time frame to reach 1/2 marathon running distances, which is perfect because my 1st Half marathon is in April.

It feels great to have a plan laid out, but what good is a plan without action!

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Elf for Health Day 1

Today is Day 1 of the the Elf for Health Monthly Challenge – Go Meatless Monday 😦

Not cool – How am I supposed to go meatless when most of my daily intake is some sort of meat?

Needless to say, today has been interesting. My co-workers surprised me with some birthday pizza and cupcakes – it’s a good thing I was in Charleston over the weekend and just kind of ate what I wanted. It’s also a good thing I was not able to eat much of my food with Emma in my arms. This morning as I scrambled around trying to pack up Emma and my food for the day, I looked in my lunch box and I had 2 power crunch bars, 3 string cheese sticks, and a bag of carrots…for 8 hours of work! Whoops, I need to work on my planning ahead.

So far today I have eaten:

2 egg muffin things (just egg whites, ham and cheese)

2 string cheeses

2 slices of pizza

1/2 of a cupcake

7 carrots

1 powercrunch bar

A few handfuls of cheddar cheese pretzels

I have no clue about dinner, this is my late night at work so I always eat so late it’s a lose lose either way!

Needless to say, today has not been my best day nutrition wise – but that does not mean I should just keep going with these choices. A lot of people do that, they have a few bad days that turn into a few bad weeks! Back at it tomorrow – my BIRTHDAY!!!

Side note: When did my little one get so big..




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I’m Back!

After the Nike 1/2 I really didn’t have much to talk about except for my growing belly and body..

But I’m back – “little” Emma was born 9 lbs 6 oz and 21 1/4 inches long via C-section on 8/28/2013  at 12:19 am! She will be 3 months old on Thanksgiving and is growing everyday, she is so much fun.

I have not really been able to focus so much on my fitness but getting back to work last week has helped me squeeze workouts in when I can. I’m back to teaching cycling and Abs class – both have been very challenging! I have been medically cleared to exercise since October but there are still so many things I cannot do – running is one of them!

Last week I started getting back into low-carb eatstyle and it has been going great so far – just a few slip ups. But since I got home from the hospital, I am down 25 lbs, I gained really fast the last few weeks of my pregnancy and left the hospital with a few extra pounds due to the medicine/IV/swelling/surgery blah blah.. I still have quite a bit to go, so my I am back to e-mailing my weigh in with a friend each week! We are in week 2 today, and since we started I am down 3 lbs – I was hoping for more but the past few days have not been my best nutrition wise. I have previously talked about my cream soda weakness – well I bought a 6 pack on Tuesday and it’s already gone 😦

I have given myself 2 goal dates- a conservative one & an aggressive one

Conservative: May 1, 2014

Aggressive: March 1, 2014

I hope to begin running soon since I plan to run a 1/2 marathon in April. I really feel like I am starting from square 1 in many aspects of my fitness! I am also thinking about teaching classes at studios in the area – cycling, TRX, and High Intensity Circuit style classes for the extra moolah and they’re just fun! It sounds cliché but I really do get a lot of happiness and joy from being an instructor/personal trainer – seeing my participants/clients reach goals and push themselves hard is the best part of my “job.” So much so, I have signed up to be an “Elf for Health”  It’s a month-long challenge where people motivate people –

elf4healthbadge1 Elf for Health

Elf Duties

As an Elf, you are expected to support your assigned buddy with their holiday health goals and the daily challenges. Elves & buddies will be reassigned every 2 weeks.

  • Monday: Send your buddy an email to help them with the challenges for that week. Ideas of things to include/attach: your own personal tips & tricks, inspiring words and/or images, a new, healthy recipe or workout to try.
  • Thursday – Saturday: Any time during these days, check in withy you buddy! For example, ask them if they tried a new recipe, workout, or had fun with any certain challenges. Feel free to tell them how you did with your challenges, too!

There is also a Challenge Calendar:

challengesquare edited 1 Elf for Health

Anyone can join – sign up before November 25th!

It feels good to be back!!!




Nike Women’s 1/2 Recap – 6 months Prego!

It’s over!!! I am so glad that run is finished and behind me…it had been hanging over my head for a longggg time! 6 months pregnant my time was 3:19 – not my worst and I am not mad about it.

The game plan was to run 2 miles – walk 1 mile and keep repeating that to the finish. I started out doing that but my body had other plans:

Ran miles 1 and 2

Walked mile 3

Ran miles 4 and 5

Walked mile 6

Ran mile 7, ran/walked mile 8

Walked the rest of the way until the last 1/4 mile of course – you can’t walk across the finish line!

I somehow managed to walk 14:30 min/miles to the end – that’s pretty fast walking (4.2 ish mph on a treadmill) I think it helped that I was sort of involved in what seemed like a secret “walk-off” with a lady for about 3 miles. We were clearly both doing the same thing, I would get ahead of her, then she would zoom up ahead of me and we kept repeating that. I am pretty sure the same things that were going through my head were going through hers – I should have thanked her because she kept me going at a nice pace when my feet were killing me! A little friendly competition can make you do things that you would not be able to do on your own.

I crossed the finish line and immediately stopped running – my feet felt horrible and my calves were done. I told my husband that I am finished with running until after the baby comes – I see no benefit to it and can find other things to do. He was very happy to hear that – this run was making him nervous. BUT – I did get to complete a 1/2 marathon with the little one and have an experience that many people will never have.

My medal!!

My medal!!


  • spending time with my good friends and laughing A LOT!
  • eating crappy food (Chik-fil-a for day before race lunch, Johnny Rockets for day before race dinner, S’mores Pop Tarts for breakfast)
  • getting a Tiffany’s necklace
  • Seeing a whole bunch of DC in a few hours (lots of monuments and landmarks on the course)
  • The weather was perfect and I got some sun (thank God – I am so pale)


  • Nike is freaking expensive and stingy (you don’t get your race shirt until you cross the finish)
  • The expo was a nightmare – we waited in a line that was at least 1/2 mile long just to get into the packet pick-up tent
  • Traffic getting to the expo = horrible. They need to select a new location next year and plan the layout much better
  • Having to walk – I am a competitive person so it was a hard decision to listen to my body
  • No HR monitor – totally my fault I can’t find my Suunto strap and my Polar watch battery died (of course)
  • and of course the foot pain

I am really glad I participated and finished this one – I think the little one might come out running, her activity level since the run has increased big time.

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6 weeks to 1/2 Marathon – sounds like a Deja Vu post

I think I put myself in a similar predicament last Fall..

The Nike 1/2 marathon is 6 weeks away – I need to really start going for my long runs ASAP!! Every weekend seems to have something in my way (odd – that is 1 of the excuses I hate to hear!)

My mom will be in town this weekend and Cale is out of town racing – so we have the whole weekend to do whatever we want!! So far, we have planned workouts, haha, maybe some cycling Friday night, TRX on Saturday morning and then a nice run on the Tobacco Trail on Sunday. In order for me to stop freaking out I think I need to do at least 6 miles (don’t worry mom – I won’t force the full 6 miles on you.) A little Mellow Mushroom afterwards would be a nice motivator!! So far, I have completed a few solid 4 milers, not exactly the distance building runs you need to complete a 1/2!! With my new body, I have experienced some significant changes: I lose my breath much faster, my heart rate is very quick to respond to work, my gait feels a little off (some lateral foot pain), and my clothes are irritating haha! Just to name a few of my challenges!

I am however, really excited about this run because a group of my friends signed up also! I think we have 5 or 6 in our group – we won’t necessarily run together the whole time but at least I know I have some support along the course. I am genuinely concerned that I might get ushered off the course by the lovely pace cart 😦 I will be 24 weeks pregnant come race day and who knows what my body is going to throw at me! I have been reading a lot about running while pregnant and reading other women’s stories so I know it can be done. I definitely won’t beat my last race time but I will finish – that is the goal for this one. Sort of like the first 1/2 I did – just finish, get your medal, and enjoy the experience. Except this time that medal is a Tiffany Necklace!!

I can't wait to see these gentleman at the Finish Line with my necklace!!

I can’t wait to see these gentleman at the Finish Line with my necklace!!

Here’s the running plan for the next 6 weeks:

Tuesdays & Thursdays: Run 4-6 miles

3/24: 6 miler

3/30: 7 miler

4/6 or 7: 8 miler (we are moving into our new house this weekend!!)

4/13: 9 miler

4/20: 10 miler (last long run)

4/28: Race Day!

I imagine the longer my runs begin to be, the more running/walking I will be doing and I am totally okay with that!!


Interesting Nutrition Article and Baby Update

Baby news: I am now in the 2nd trimester!! Hello Energy, it feels nice to finally have some get up in my day. I have been neglecting my beloved SYNC Studio 😦 I am hoping to change that this week. We find out the gender in 5 weeks!!!

I came across this article and I have to share it..

Top 11 Biggest Lies of Mainstream Nutrition

February 11, 2013 | by Kris Gunnars | 144,100 views | 107 Comments

There is a lot of misinformation circling around in mainstream nutrition.

I have listed the worst examples in this article, but unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here are the top 11 biggest lies, myths and misconceptions of mainstream nutrition.

1. Eggs Are Unhealthy

There’s one thing that nutrition professionals have had remarkable success with… and that is demonizing incredibly healthy foods.

The worst example of that is eggs, which happen to contain a large amount of cholesterol and were therefore considered to increase the risk of heart disease.

But recently it has been proven that the cholesterol in the diet doesn’t really raise the cholesterol in blood. In fact, eggs primarily raise the “good” cholesterol and are NOT associated with increased risk of heart disease.

What we’re left with is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. They’re high in all sorts of nutrients along with unique antioxidants that protect our eyes.

To top it all of, despite being a “high fat” food, eating eggs for breakfast is proven to cause significant weight loss compared to bagels for breakfast.

Bottom Line: Eggs do not cause heart disease and are among the most nutritious foods on the planet. Eggs for breakfast can help you lose weight.

2. Saturated Fat is Bad For You

Foods High in Saturated Fat

A few decades ago it was decided that the epidemic of heart disease was caused by eating too much fat, in particular saturated fat.

This was based on highly flawed studies and political decisions that have now been proven to be completely wrong.

A massive review article published in 2010 looked at 21 prospective epidemiological studies with a total of 347.747 subjects. Their results: absolutely no association between saturated fat and heart disease.

The idea that saturated fat raised the risk of heart disease was an unproven theory that somehow became conventional wisdom.

Eating saturated fat raises the amount of HDL (the “good”) cholesterol in the blood and changes the LDL from small, dense LDL (very bad) to Large LDL, which is benign.

Meat, coconut oil, cheese, butter… there is absolutely no reason to fear these foods.

Bottom Line: Newer studies have proven that saturated fat does not cause heart disease. Natural foods that are high in saturated fat are good for you.

3. Everybody Should be Eating Grains


The idea that humans should be basing their diets on grains has never made sense to me.

The agricultural revolution happened fairly recently in human evolutionary history and our genes haven’t changed that much.

Grains are fairly low in nutrients compared to other real foods like vegetables. They are also rich in a substance called phytic acid which binds essential minerals in the intestine and prevents them from being absorbed.

The most common grain in the western diet, by far, is wheat… and wheat can cause a host of health problems, both minor and serious.

Modern wheat contains a large amount of a protein called gluten, but there is evidence that a significant portion of the population may be sensitive to it.

Eating gluten can damage the intestinal lining, cause pain, bloating, stool inconsistency and tiredness. Gluten consumption has also been associated with schizophrenia and cerebellar ataxia, both serious disorders of the brain.

Bottom Line: Grains are relatively low in nutrients compared to other real foods like vegetables. The gluten grains in particular may lead to a variety of health problems.

4. Eating a Lot of Protein is Bad For Your Bones and Kidneys

A high protein diet has been claimed to cause both osteoporosis and kidney disease.

It is true that eating protein increases calcium excretion from the bones in the short term, but the long term studies actually show the opposite effect.

High Protein Foods

In the long term, protein has a strong association with improved bone health and a lower risk of fracture.

Additionally, studies don’t show any association of high protein with kidney disease in otherwise healthy people.

In fact, two of the main risk factors for kidney failure are diabetes and high blood pressure. Eating a high protein diet improves both.

If anything, a high protein diet should be protective against osteoporosis and kidney failure!

Bottom Line: Eating a high protein diet is associated with improved bone health and a lower risk of fracture. High protein also lowers blood pressure and improves diabetes symptoms, which should lower the risk of kidney failure.

5. Low-Fat Foods Are Good For You


Do you know what regular food tastes like when all the fat has been taken out of it?

Well, it tastes like cardboard. No one would want to eat it.

The food manufacturers know this and therefore they add other things to compensate for the lack of fat.

Usually these are sweeteners… sugar, high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners like aspartame.

We’ll get to the sugar in a moment, but I’d like to point out that even though artificial sweeteners don’t have calories, the evidence does NOT suggest that they are better for you than sugar.

In fact, many observational studies show a consistent, highly significant association with various diseases like obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, premature delivery and depression.

In these low-fat products, healthy natural fats are being replaced with substances that are extremely harmful.

Bottom Line: Low-fat foods are usually highly processed products loaded with sugar, corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. They are extremely unhealthy.

6. You Should Eat Many Small Meals Throughout The Day

The idea that you should eat many small meals throughout the day in order to “keep metabolism high” is a persistent myth that doesn’t make any sense.

It is true that eating raises your metabolism slightly while you’re digesting the meal, but it’s the total amount of food that determines the energy used, NOT the number of meals.

Small Plate of Pasta

This has actually been put to the test and refuted multiple times. Controlled studies where one group eats many small meals and the other the same amount of food in fewer meals show that there is literally no difference between the two.

In fact, one study in obese men revealed that eating 6 meals per day led to less feelings of fullness compared to 3 meals.

Not only is eating so often practically useless for most of the people out there, it may even be harmful.

It is not natural for the human body to be constantly in the fed state. In nature, we used to fast from time to time and we didn’t eat nearly as often as we do today.

When we don’t eat for a while, a cellular process called autophagy cleans waste products out of our cells. Fasting or not eating from time to time is good for you.

Several observational studies show a drastically increased risk of colon cancer (4th most common cause of cancer death), numbers going as high as a 90% increase for those who eat 4 meals per day compared to 2.

Bottom Line: There is no evidence that eating many small meals throughout the day is better than fewer, bigger meals. Not eating from time to time is good for you. Increased meal frequency is associated with colon cancer.

7. Carbs Should Be Your Biggest Source of Calories

Food Pyramid

The mainstream view is that everyone should eat a low-fat diet, with carbs being around 50-60% of total calories.

This sort of diet contains a lot of grains and sugars, with very small amounts of fatty foods like meat and eggs.

This type of diet may work well for some people, especially those who are naturally lean.

But for those who are obese, have the metabolic syndrome or diabetes, this amount of carbohydrates is downright dangerous.

This has actually been studied extensively. A low-fat, high-carb diet has been compared to a low-carb, high-fat diet in multiple randomized controlled trials.

The results are consistently in favor of low-carb, high-fat diets.

Bottom Line: The low-fat, high-carb diet is a miserable failure and has been proven repeatedly to be vastly inferior to lower-carb, higher-fat diets.

8. High Omega-6 Seed and Vegetable Oils Are Good For You

Polyunsaturated Oil

Polyunsaturated fats are considered healthy because some studies show that they lower your risk of heart disease.

But there are many types of polyunsaturated fats and they are not all the same.

Most importantly, we have both Omega-3 fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids.

Omega-3s are anti-inflammatory and lower your risk of many diseases related to inflammation . Humans actually need to get Omega-6s and Omega-3s in a certain ratio. If the ratio is too high in favor of Omega-6, it can cause problems.

By far the biggest sources of Omega-6 in the modern diet are processed seed and vegetable oils like soybean, corn and sunflower oils.

Throughout evolution, humans never had access to such an abundance of Omega-6 fats. It is unnatural for the human body.

Research that specifically looks at Omega-6 fatty acids instead of polyunsaturated fats in general shows that they actually increase the risk of heart disease.

Eat your Omega-3s and consider supplementing with cod fish liver oil, but avoid the industrial seed and vegetable oils.

Bottom Line: Humans need to get Omega-6 and Omega-3 fats in a certain ratio. Eating excess Omega-6 from seed oils raises your risk of disease.

9. Low Carb Diets Are Dangerous

Woman Standing On The Scale Frustrated

I personally believe low-carb diets to be a potential cure for many of the most common health problems in western nations.

The low-fat diet peddled all around the world is fairly useless against many of these diseases. It simply does not work.

However, low-carb diets (demonized by nutritionists and the media) have repeatedly been shown to lead to much better outcomes.

Every randomized controlled trial on low-carb diets shows that they:

  1. Reduce body fat more than calorie-restricted low-fat diets, even though the low-carb dieters are allowed to eat as much as they want.
  2. Lower blood pressure significantly.
  3. Lower blood sugar and improve symptoms of diabetes much more than low-fat diets.
  4. Increase HDL (the good) cholesterol much more.
  5. Lower triglycerides much more than low-fat diets.
  6. Change the pattern of LDL (bad) cholesterol from small, dense (very bad) to Large LDL, which is benign
  7. Low carb diets are also easier to stick to, probably because they don’t require you to restrict calories and be hungry all the time. More people in the low-carb groups make it to the end of the studies

Many of the health professionals that are supposed to have our best interest in mind have the audacity to claim that these diets are dangerous, then continue to peddle their failed low-fat dogma that is hurting more people than it helps.

Bottom Line: Low-carb diets are the healthiest, easiest and most effective way to lose weight and reverse metabolic disease. It is a scientific fact.

10. Sugar is Unhealthy Because it Contains “Empty” Calories

Junk Food

It is commonly believed that sugar is bad for you because it contains empty calories.

It’s true, sugar has a lot of calories with no essential nutrients. But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Sugar, primarily because of its high fructose content, affects metabolism in a way that sets us up for rapid fat gain and metabolic disease.

Fructose gets metabolized by the liver and turned into fat which is secreted into the blood as VLDL particles. This leads to elevated triglycerides and cholesterol.

It also causes resistance to the hormones insulin and leptin, which is a stepping stone towards obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

This is just to name a few. Sugar causes a relentless biochemical drive for humans to eat more and get fat. It is probably the single worst ingredient in the standard western diet.

Bottom Line: The harmful effects of sugar go way beyond empty calories. Sugar wreaks havoc on our metabolism and sets us up for weight gain and many serious diseases.

11. High Fat Foods Will Make You Fat


It seems kind of intuitive that eating fat would make you get fat.

The stuff that is gathering under our skin and making us look soft and puffy is fat. So… eating fat should give our bodies even more of it.

But it isn’t that simple. Despite fat having more calories per gram than carbohydrate or protein, high-fat diets do not make people fat.

As with anything, this depends on the context. A diet that is high in fat AND high in carbs will make you fat, but it’s NOT because of the fat.

In fact, diets that are high in fat (and low in carbs) cause much greater fat loss than diets that are low in fat.

12. Anything Else?

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

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We're having a BABY!!

We’re having a BABY!!

Sooo, I got reallllly close (like 3 lbs away) from my goal weight and kind of stalled. I kept creeping up and staying at a certain weight but I was being practically perfect with workouts and eating! I think the picture above explains it all! I will be gaining back almost all of that weight blah!!

Thanks to my lovely husband, I now realize what a blessing it is that I had lost 30 pounds prior to this! I cannot even imagine if I was still at my starting weight and now we’re talking about 20 lbs more added to that!!!

My workouts have slowed down, BUT I still plan to run!! I got into the Nike 1/2 in DC, when that race comes along I will be about 4.5 months along. As it is right now, I plan to run it – I will see how I feel leading up to it but I plan to train starting the first week in February!  I found this awesome blog/website that has given me serious hope for the upcoming months, Running for Two. I am so excited to see the women on there talking about all of the fit things they did during their pregnancy – I can only hope to stay as active as them!!

…ps I am eating carbs again!!


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Where has my Will-Power Gone?

Since I went grocery shopping at freaking BJ’s (I never go there) last week, I have noticed my will-power simply vanish! I was up like 3 lbs on my last weigh-in (Thursday) and have a serious goal to meet by this Thursday! I am having a really hard time with the stupid amount of snacks I bought – stuff I haven’t bought in 6 months for a reason. Gummi Bears, M&M’s, Soda, and Gushers have been finding their way into my mouth – it’s killing me. I missed my Tuesday afternoon class as well as my Wednesday and Friday morning classes, and I feel like a sloth and my clothes feel tight 😦 . I am struggling to wake up before 8am – before this week; that was me seriously sleeping in! I have temporarily lost the desire to do a lot of things, clean the house, workout, cook..the list goes on.

..said my will-power and self-control this past week


I gotta make a change, this is getting ridiculous (as I sit here finishing a handful of gummi bears) I was browsing some other Fitness related blogs and I saw this list – the title caught my eye:

Get Off Your Butt: 16 Ways to Get Motivated When You’re in a Slump

  • One Goal. Probably the most common mistake that people make: they try to take on too much, try to accomplish too many goals at once. You cannot maintain energy and focus (the two most important things in accomplishing a goal) if you are trying to do two or more goals at once. It’s not possible. You have to choose one goal, for now, and focus on it completely. You can always do your other goals when you’ve accomplished your One Goal.
  • Find inspiration. Inspiration, comes from others who have achieved what I want to achieve, or who are currently doing it.
  • Get excited. This sounds obvious, but most people don’t think about it much: if you want to break out of a slump, get yourself excited about a goal.
  • Post your goal. Print out your goal in big words. Make your goal just a few words long, like a mantra (“Exercise 15 mins. Daily”), and post it up on your wall or refrigerator. Post it at home and work. Put it on your computer desktop. You want to have big reminders about your goal, to keep your focus and keep  your excitement going. A picture of your goal (like a model with sexy abs, for example) also helps.
  • Commit publicly. None of us likes to look bad in front of others. We will go the extra mile to do something we’ve said publicly. Now, you don’t have to commit to your goal in your daily newspaper, but you can do it with friends and family and co-workers, and you can do it on your blog if you have one. And hold yourself accountable — don’t just commit once, but commit to giving progress updates to everyone every week or so.
  • Think about it daily. If you think about your goal every day, it is much more likely to become true. To this end, posting the goal on your wall or computer desktop (as mentioned above) helps a lot. Sending yourself daily reminders also helps. And if you can commit to doing one small thing to further your goal (even just 5 minutes) every single day, your goal will almost certainly come true.
  • Get support. It’s hard to accomplish something alone.  Find your support network, either in the real world or online, or both.
  • Realize that there’s an ebb and flow. Motivation is not a constant thing that is always there for you. It comes and goes, and comes and goes again, like the tide. But realize that while it may go away, it doesn’t do so permanently. It will come back. Just stick it out and wait for that motivation to come back. In the meantime, read about your goal (see below), ask for help (see below), and do some of the other things listed here until your motivation comes back.
  • Stick with it. Whatever you do, don’t give up. Even if you aren’t feeling any motivation today, or this week, don’t give up. Again, that motivation will come back. Think of your goal as a long journey, and your slump is just a little bump in the road. You can’t give up with every little bump. Stay with it for the long-term, ride out the ebbs and surf on the flows, and you’ll get there.
  • Start small. Really small. If you are having a hard time getting started, it may be because you’re thinking too big. If you want to exercise, for example, you may be thinking that you have to do these intense workouts 5 days a week. No — instead, do small, tiny, baby steps. Just do 2 minutes of exercise. I know, that sounds wimpy. But it works. Commit to 2 minutes of exercise for one week. You may want to do more, but just stick to 2 minutes. It’s so easy, you can’t fail. Do it at the same time, every day. Just some crunches, 2 push ups, and some jogging in place. Once you’ve done 2 minutes a day for a week, increase it to 5, and stick with that for a week. In a month, you’ll be doing 15-20. Want to wake up early? Don’t think about waking at 5 a.m. Instead, think about waking 10 minutes earlier for a week. That’s all. Once you’ve done that, wake 10 minutes earlier than that. Baby steps.
  • Build on small successes. Again, if you start small for a week, you’re going to be successful. You can’t fail if you start with something ridiculously easy. Who can’t exercise for 2 minutes? (If that’s you, I apologize.) And you’ll feel successful, and good about yourself. Take that successful feeling and build on it, with another baby step. Add 2-3 minutes to your exercise routine, for example. With each step (and each step should last about a week), you will feel even more successful. Make each step really, really small, and you won’t fail. After a couple of months, your tiny steps will add up to a lot of progress and a lot of success.
  • Read about it daily.  Read a book or blog about my goal. It will inspire and reinvigorates you. For some reason, reading helps motivate and focus you on whatever you’re reading about. So read about your goal every day, if you can, especially when you’re not feeling motivated.
  • Call for help when your motivation ebbs. Having trouble? Ask for help. Email, Join an online forum. Get a partner to join you. Call your mom. It doesn’t matter who, just tell them your problems, and talking about it will help. Ask them for advice. Ask them to help you overcome your slump. It works.
  • Think about the benefits, not the difficulties. One common problem is that we think about how hard something is. Exercise sounds so hard! Just thinking about it makes you tired. But instead of thinking about how hard something is, think about what you will get out of it. For example, instead of thinking about how tiring exercise can be, focus on how good you’ll feel when you’re done, and how you’ll be healthier and slimmer over the long run. The benefits of something will help energize you.
  • Squash negative thoughts; replace them with positive ones. Along those lines, it’s important to start monitoring your thoughts. Recognize negative self-talk, which is really what’s causing your slump. Just spend a few days becoming aware of every negative thought. Then, after a few days, try squashing those negative thoughts like a bug, and then replacing them with a corresponding positive thought. Squash, “This is too hard!” and replace it with, “I can do this! If that wimp Leo can do it, so can I!” It sounds corny, but it works. Really.

Okay, let’s hope I can get out of this slump and get myself together! Starting tomorrow, I am going to post my plans for this week for motivation purposed only, and because this article told me to.

Sunday: Sync double-down, 1 hour TRX, 1 hour Cycle-Sculpt

Monday: 1 hour Total Body Circuit, 1 hour run

Tuesday: 1 hour cycle

Wednesday: 1 hour Total Body Circuit, 1.5 hour Cycle

Thursday (weigh day): 1 hour Cycle, Crossfit

Friday: 1 hour run

Saturday: I will be home in VB and plan to run at least 6 miles on the Boardwalk

Sunday: In VB again, plan is 2 classes at Inlet (my mom’s gym)

Thursday’s weigh-in is extra important because that is my goal date, I am currently 5 lbs from where I need/want to be by then..I think at least 2-2.5 is strictly water retention from all the crap I’ve eaten. I have yet to think of my consequence if I don’t reach my goal by then, probably because I don’t plan on that happening!

Here are some other lists to help to get motivated or stay motivated:

50 ways to Stay Motivated

Mark’s Daily Apple

OPRAH – How to Get Motivated to Change Your Life




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I am soooo excited right now!! I finished teaching my spin class last night and saw a text from my friend and fellow group member Amber that read “get excited!” I knew right away we were accepted!!!

My official training plan for 2013 races will start 1/1/13 – I am signed up for a 5k that day and you should be too!! Commitment Day 5k is a health and fitness initiative to get Americans to commit to living a healthy lifestyle. They have a great website that allows you to make your own personal commitment AND they show some seriously scary facts about “The State of Our Health” here are a few:

  1. 2 in 3 of us are considered Overweight or Obese
  2. Our children’s life expectancy is lower than ours
  3. 105 + million people have cardiovascular disease (unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, being overweight and smoking is a leading cause)

After that run, I have one or two every month leading up to DC!! So exciting!

1/19 – Charleston 1/2 Marathon (flat)  still going back and forth on this one 😦

2/9 – Krispy Kreme Challenge!!

3/9 – Rugged Maniac Charleston with my sister in law!!

3/17 – Tobacco Road 1/2 Marathon (really flat)

4/28 – NIKE Womens 1/2 Marathon DC (flat)

Happy Running!!

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Why you makin’ me wait so long NIKE!!

Ugh, the anticipation is killing me.

2 months ago, NIKE announced they were expanding their run series to a 1/2 marathon in DC!! BUT, just because you register doesn’t mean you get in..they are using a random draw. ANNOYING. So I e-mailed a bunch of my friends and we got a group of about 6 that want to do it, we signed up as group 2 weeks ago. Now, we are playing the waiting game..

Since we chose the group sign-up, if our group gets selected – we are all in, if not – none of us are in 😦

NIKE has made it such a pain in the buns (I love that commercial) everything has been done on Facebook. All announcements, updates, and information are on Facebook..I don’t think it has been run very well so far. They closed registration last Thursday and gave a really vague deadline for notification. Anytime between 12/10 – 12/15 we should get an e-mail either confirming or denying entry. Talk about stressful, I feel like I am waiting for a college acceptance letter. I am constantly checking my e-mail and Facebook now, ugh! Pray for me.

nike 2

So, I’m the type of person who always like to have a back-up can be annoying but I don’t care! I looked at other 1/2 marathons on the East Coast that weekend and if we don’t get in, I am going to sign up for the Ocean City MD 1/2 Marathon. Most of the girls who signed up in my group live in Maryland, so that was a no-brainer. Plus, I have always wanted to go to Seacrets!!!

Here's to hoping we don't have to sign-up for this one!!

Here’s to hoping we don’t have to sign-up for this one!!

As soon as I get an e-mail from freakin’ NIKE, I will post the verdict!! Laces crossed – corny slogan NIKE!

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