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Blog redo coming soon… Yes, I’m still here

A lot has changed since my last post which was July 2014…whoops! At that time I thought I was training for my first marathon, looking back now that just makes me laugh. Changes were a comin’ and by changes I mean another baby!!

Now almost 1 year later and many many changes, we have 2 kiddos under 2 and I am now a stay at home mom. Jeez, a Stay at home mom, I never thought I would be one of those. Stay at home mom really isn’t a true statement because I feel like we are rarely home.

I am adjusting and getting the hang of this and I want to get back to this blogging. More to come soon!

It feels good to be back!


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Your body’s “set point” or “happy weight” – what’s the deal with that?

I can definitely say that my body has this one number that it seems to like. I can eat crap or eat really great healthy foods in a 1 week span and I will see the same number.

I have seen this number more times than I can remember! Before I was pregnant and on my weight loss journey, I was stuck for quite awhile at this “happy weight” (not so happy for me) Once I got past it, it was a constant fight to stay below. Now, after baby – I am stuck again! For the past 3 weeks I have bounced up and down but when it comes to weigh day (Friday) I see that dag-gone same number. I’m over it.

I thought for sure that adding regular running to my routine would help me bust through but it has not – I also started using a new method for my meal planning. I started following MShell fitness on Instagram and she has a method called #Gallonbaggiemethod. I will post on that later in the week. Follow the links to check it out in the meantime.

Anyway – there is some information to support the “set point” that your body has..but that’s not to say you cannot BREAK through it!! Your body may have a weight that it “thinks” it is happy but if you follow think below you can see how your body can be easily tricked!

Do you feel like your body has a weight that it really enjoys?

Have you broken through and reset your “set point”?

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I’ve been MIA – sorry

Oh life..

I have neglected this blog big time – all 3 of my followers have probably given up on me ever posting again! I’m sorry!!! I’ve been a little busy with this one..1510356_10100110072416172_1547638605_n

A quick summary of what has happened since my last post (late April)

  • 12 week challenge results:lost 7 ish lbs and inches pretty much stayed the same (Total lost: 19.4 lbs!!!)
  • I am officially back to pre-baby weight!
  • Running has been re-introduced to my life (on a semi regular basis)
  • I started the Jamie Eason 12 week LiveFit trainer a few weeks ago – this is great because there is an app for the program and you can add it to your “Body Calendar” so it keeps you accountable, tracks your progress, and makes it easy to stay motivated to keep going! Currently on Day 23, already feeling the difference and seeing progress
  • A few weeks ago I decided that I would train for a marathon, I have always said I would never do one 😦 My friend Sara has talked me into it and I actually believe I can do this! The official training program started yesterday but I had been pre training (so sad) I needed to get my stamina up to 3-4 miles at a time prior to starting the actual marathon program

I still have about 15-20 lbs to get to my ultimate goal – I will get back to posting regularly!

I will be posting more food related stuff since I am trying a bunch of new foods/methods..


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6 week Check in (A little late)

We are currently in week 9 of the 12 week challenge!! I did my 6 week check-in on April 4th –

Results from 1st 6 weeks:

– 12.4 lbs

– 15 inches overall

Since then, my weight has kind of stalled. I can tell my body composition is changing but the scale is not budging. I have a plan for the next 3.5 weeks to increase my exercise intensity – I have been doing the same workouts for awhile now. I am longer “training” for a half marathon (that’s a whole different post) so I can now focus on HIIT training! HIIT training is High Intensity Interval Training – the good news is I can cut my workout time significantly – bad news: it’s really tough!

Pinterest has some great HIIT workouts that are mindless – I love mindless exercise (I hate thinking about what to do next) here’s a few to try:

HIIT workout. At home workout!!


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12 Week Challenge

Starting today!!! Challenge yourself for 12 weeks – No excuses!

What to do today:

  1. Determine what you would like to accomplish during the 12 weeks
  2. Record your starting weight
  3. Take circumference measurements (bust, waist, abdomen, hips, & thigh)
  4. Have your body fat tested (most gyms have a handheld device to test)
  5. Take your before photos (front & back) in whatever clothes you prefer

What to do for the 12 weeks:

  1. Weigh in weekly (same day every week)
  2. Plan & cook your meals for the week on a set day (My day is Sunday) Schedule it!
  3. Plan your workouts for the week (there is a great plan here and here) Try to workout most days of the week: 5-6 days (no longer than 2 hours each day) Take a REST when you need it.
  4. Record your progress: weigh ins each week, circumference every 2 weeks, & body fat every 6 weeks
  5. Take a progress photo at the 6 & 12 week marks (your 12 week photo will be your “after” photo
  6. Log what you eat (if nutrition is an issue for you) seeing exactly what you are putting into your body can make a HUGE difference in your success rate
  7. Stay focused on your goals and have fun!!

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Training has begun!

I finally registered for the Rock n Roll 1/2 in Raleigh! This will be my first 1/2 since Emma was born – I thought I would bounce back and get into running very quickly…not the case at all. Running hurts – just like it did when I first started, building endurance is much more difficult this time around. I definitely feel like I am starting from scratch (in a lot of areas fitness related)

The 1/2 is in the middle of April so I have 11 weeks to train, I really just want to finish this 1/2 so 11 weeks is just fine. I won’t start trying to increase speed until the summer months. Today it honestly took a lot out of me to complete 4 miles…and I didn’t even run the whole time. I walked about 1 mile of the 4 and ran at a pretty slow pace. The general plan is to run 4 days/week –

Tues/Thurs – short runs 3-5 miles

Saturday – long run increasing a mile every week or every other week until I get up to at least 10 miles

Sundays – medium runs 5-7 miles (for the first few weeks, my Saturday and Sunday runs will be about the same distance)

Rock n Roll Raleigh is going to be hosting some fun runs leading up to the race day – these runs are on the 1/2 marathon course. I think I will participate in a few of these to make sure there aren’t as many hills on the course as the Ramblin’ Rose in Durham had! That was miserable – I hate hills!

I will have a friend to run this one with – she is actually running the Disney Princess 1/2 in a few weeks, she is way ahead of me in terms of training and running. We have never run together before – but we are good friends so I know it will be a lot of fun!

I am really looking forward to training for this – it will be good for me to have something else to do and something to work towards (along with my weight loss goal) Getting my focus back has taken me awhile but once I get it – I am pretty locked in!!


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Haven’t posted in awhile…just wanted to share these!

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I have a Plan!

In order to reach a goal – no matter what it is, you need a plan. You can’t just go all willy nilly and expect it to just happen. To reach my “big” weight loss goal, I have come up with a plan. I have been weighing in for about 3 weeks now with just a little change, I seem to be going back and forth! I had a rather slow Friday at work so I put it all together, from 12/6 – 5/2 (goal day) I have it all laid out. Now I just have to execute.

As I went through college, I became dependent on a calendar or my agenda – that has followed me and I continue to rely on it heavily. Having something written down and scheduling my days is a motivator for me.

I am going to share the plan with you for 2 reasons:

1. To give you an idea of what a fitness plan looks like and what should be included

2. To hold me accountable – I have shared it so I must do it!

So here it is:

Sundays: Running & Cooking for the week

Mondays: I teach Total Body

Tuesdays: I teach Abs/Core and I will run

Wednesdays: I teach Stretch and Cycle

Thursdays: I teach Cycle and I will run

Fridays: I will do a pre-scheduled WOD, mostly Bodyweight and they all include some form of Cardio.

Saturdays: I will Run and if possible take a class or 2 at the gym by my house ClubWorx

*Running 4 days/week, Weight Training 3-4 days/week, and I will be increasing the intensity of both gradually.

Also, on Pinterest you will find all of these 30 day challenges and I love challenges. Each month I will do a different one, these are going to be tough. If you miss a day, you have to add it on to the next!

December: Squats

January: Plank

February: Push-ups

March: Sit-ups

April: Lunges

May: BUM!

I have set myself on a beginner running plan because I have struggled with muscle soreness and discomfort when I have tried to run after my surgery. I am easing into it..big time. I picked a 20 week time frame to reach 1/2 marathon running distances, which is perfect because my 1st Half marathon is in April.

It feels great to have a plan laid out, but what good is a plan without action!

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Elf for Health Day 1

Today is Day 1 of the the Elf for Health Monthly Challenge – Go Meatless Monday 😦

Not cool – How am I supposed to go meatless when most of my daily intake is some sort of meat?

Needless to say, today has been interesting. My co-workers surprised me with some birthday pizza and cupcakes – it’s a good thing I was in Charleston over the weekend and just kind of ate what I wanted. It’s also a good thing I was not able to eat much of my food with Emma in my arms. This morning as I scrambled around trying to pack up Emma and my food for the day, I looked in my lunch box and I had 2 power crunch bars, 3 string cheese sticks, and a bag of carrots…for 8 hours of work! Whoops, I need to work on my planning ahead.

So far today I have eaten:

2 egg muffin things (just egg whites, ham and cheese)

2 string cheeses

2 slices of pizza

1/2 of a cupcake

7 carrots

1 powercrunch bar

A few handfuls of cheddar cheese pretzels

I have no clue about dinner, this is my late night at work so I always eat so late it’s a lose lose either way!

Needless to say, today has not been my best day nutrition wise – but that does not mean I should just keep going with these choices. A lot of people do that, they have a few bad days that turn into a few bad weeks! Back at it tomorrow – my BIRTHDAY!!!

Side note: When did my little one get so big..




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I’m Back!

After the Nike 1/2 I really didn’t have much to talk about except for my growing belly and body..

But I’m back – “little” Emma was born 9 lbs 6 oz and 21 1/4 inches long via C-section on 8/28/2013  at 12:19 am! She will be 3 months old on Thanksgiving and is growing everyday, she is so much fun.

I have not really been able to focus so much on my fitness but getting back to work last week has helped me squeeze workouts in when I can. I’m back to teaching cycling and Abs class – both have been very challenging! I have been medically cleared to exercise since October but there are still so many things I cannot do – running is one of them!

Last week I started getting back into low-carb eatstyle and it has been going great so far – just a few slip ups. But since I got home from the hospital, I am down 25 lbs, I gained really fast the last few weeks of my pregnancy and left the hospital with a few extra pounds due to the medicine/IV/swelling/surgery blah blah.. I still have quite a bit to go, so my I am back to e-mailing my weigh in with a friend each week! We are in week 2 today, and since we started I am down 3 lbs – I was hoping for more but the past few days have not been my best nutrition wise. I have previously talked about my cream soda weakness – well I bought a 6 pack on Tuesday and it’s already gone 😦

I have given myself 2 goal dates- a conservative one & an aggressive one

Conservative: May 1, 2014

Aggressive: March 1, 2014

I hope to begin running soon since I plan to run a 1/2 marathon in April. I really feel like I am starting from square 1 in many aspects of my fitness! I am also thinking about teaching classes at studios in the area – cycling, TRX, and High Intensity Circuit style classes for the extra moolah and they’re just fun! It sounds cliché but I really do get a lot of happiness and joy from being an instructor/personal trainer – seeing my participants/clients reach goals and push themselves hard is the best part of my “job.” So much so, I have signed up to be an “Elf for Health”  It’s a month-long challenge where people motivate people –

elf4healthbadge1 Elf for Health

Elf Duties

As an Elf, you are expected to support your assigned buddy with their holiday health goals and the daily challenges. Elves & buddies will be reassigned every 2 weeks.

  • Monday: Send your buddy an email to help them with the challenges for that week. Ideas of things to include/attach: your own personal tips & tricks, inspiring words and/or images, a new, healthy recipe or workout to try.
  • Thursday – Saturday: Any time during these days, check in withy you buddy! For example, ask them if they tried a new recipe, workout, or had fun with any certain challenges. Feel free to tell them how you did with your challenges, too!

There is also a Challenge Calendar:

challengesquare edited 1 Elf for Health

Anyone can join – sign up before November 25th!

It feels good to be back!!!




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