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Nike Women’s 1/2 Recap – 6 months Prego!

It’s over!!! I am so glad that run is finished and behind me…it had been hanging over my head for a longggg time! 6 months pregnant my time was 3:19 – not my worst and I am not mad about it.

The game plan was to run 2 miles – walk 1 mile and keep repeating that to the finish. I started out doing that but my body had other plans:

Ran miles 1 and 2

Walked mile 3

Ran miles 4 and 5

Walked mile 6

Ran mile 7, ran/walked mile 8

Walked the rest of the way until the last 1/4 mile of course – you can’t walk across the finish line!

I somehow managed to walk 14:30 min/miles to the end – that’s pretty fast walking (4.2 ish mph on a treadmill) I think it helped that I was sort of involved in what seemed like a secret “walk-off” with a lady for about 3 miles. We were clearly both doing the same thing, I would get ahead of her, then she would zoom up ahead of me and we kept repeating that. I am pretty sure the same things that were going through my head were going through hers – I should have thanked her because she kept me going at a nice pace when my feet were killing me! A little friendly competition can make you do things that you would not be able to do on your own.

I crossed the finish line and immediately stopped running – my feet felt horrible and my calves were done. I told my husband that I am finished with running until after the baby comes – I see no benefit to it and can find other things to do. He was very happy to hear that – this run was making him nervous. BUT – I did get to complete a 1/2 marathon with the little one and have an experience that many people will never have.

My medal!!

My medal!!


  • spending time with my good friends and laughing A LOT!
  • eating crappy food (Chik-fil-a for day before race lunch, Johnny Rockets for day before race dinner, S’mores Pop Tarts for breakfast)
  • getting a Tiffany’s necklace
  • Seeing a whole bunch of DC in a few hours (lots of monuments and landmarks on the course)
  • The weather was perfect and I got some sun (thank God – I am so pale)


  • Nike is freaking expensive and stingy (you don’t get your race shirt until you cross the finish)
  • The expo was a nightmare – we waited in a line that was at least 1/2 mile long just to get into the packet pick-up tent
  • Traffic getting to the expo = horrible. They need to select a new location next year and plan the layout much better
  • Having to walk – I am a competitive person so it was a hard decision to listen to my body
  • No HR monitor – totally my fault I can’t find my Suunto strap and my Polar watch battery died (of course)
  • and of course the foot pain

I am really glad I participated and finished this one – I think the little one might come out running, her activity level since the run has increased big time.

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