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Pardon My Absence..

on November 15, 2012

Honestly,  I have had nothing to talk about..nothing new..
Work has been pretty busy and I have just been focusing on my work, workouts, and planning for the holidays. Yes, I do plan too much! I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t started planning 2013..

Anywho, I am currently 3 pounds away from my original goal and 11 days away from my 26th Birthday!! Awhile back, I set my weight loss goal and never really put a hard deadline on it. Well, now there is!! I want to hit my original goal weight by 11/26/2012, I picked this day for many reasons. Mostly because I just want to get there and that would be the best birthday gift ever! I am only 3 pounds away.  I should be able to do that, right..What could stand in my way you might ask?

… 1 birthday dinner tonight, a weekend in Virginia Beach, another Birthday dinner (my mom is amazing and is making a low-carb meal), Thanksgiving in Birmingham, AL,  and 1 more NC State food game complete with college friends and a Thanksgiving tailgate!

I am nervous…I know I can make my goal weight by next Tuesday. The real test is keeping it that way and working towards my 2nd and final goal (-10 more pounds) Right now, I am wearing clothes that I wore early in my college career, small clothes!!! BUT, they are college clothes! I am going to turn 26 and I need to update my wardrobe BIG TIME. I am going on a shopping spree when I hit my goal and will be going HAM on some new clothes! I have 2 pairs of jeans that actually fit me right now, 1 pair is white (whomp) and the other are black skinnies (I just bought them 2 weeks ago) Shirts…I have none.

My younger cousins in Maryland got about 4-5 bags of clothes, shoes, purses, anything you could imagine from me. Every time I go into my closet I end up pulling out more clothes to donate, I currently have 2 huge Goodwill bags in my spare room (my dressing room haha) that keep growing and growing. I actually dread finding an outfit, pulling random things together and wearing stuff I haven’t worn in years is a strange process. I literally wore a pair of American Eagle khakis yesterday, the last time I wore them was in 2008. I haven’t bought anything from AE since probably 2006-2007, it was crazy.

I cannot wait to hit my favorite stores that I used to be somewhat limited in what I could buy from, Vestique, Fedora, and some new stores Monkees, Francescas, and I will be buying a few items from Lululemon (finally, I have been filling my shopping cart online for months now) It has been a long time coming, I have been stocking my imaginary closet for months now. This shopping spree has means so much to me, it’s much more than just getting new clothes!

Love this!

This whole outfit please!

I’m also getting my hair did next Tuesday by the best, Dawn @ GlamLounge, she is the jam! I am contemplating a new look, or just going with long layers, what do you think?

Long layers Should I??

                                This?                                                                    Or this?


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