Follow my many fitness adventures and my post-pregnancy weight loss journey

“October Challenge” Re-cap and November Goals

on November 4, 2012

November is here!! I’m a few days behind on that news but oh well! Since I set some goals last month in this post I think I need to re-visit them and see how I did..

What I want:

  1. I want to reach my original weight goal by/before the end of the month and go shopping for the first time in a long time!….I am 4 pounds away, so close!!
  2. I want to improve my run times (get faster).. I did get faster!! Improved my 5k, 10k, and 1/2 marathon times
  3. I want to make everyday important…I can say that I tried to do something important each day, but there were definitely days where I threw in the towel early 
  4. I want to start riding my bike more…I’ll be honest, my bike tires are flat and I have not gone anywhere near that thing! haha
  5. I want NC State to start winning some Football games haha…well they did beat FSU but blew it against Carolina and UVA!!

What I need:

  1. I need to make it to every class that I sign up for ..missed a few…:(
  2. I need to run hills!!! my least favorite..did that
  3. I need to complete my 1/2 marathon on October 21st (in a decent time) and I need to complete my 10k on October 27th (in a decent time)  ..completed my 1/2 in 2:42, did not do the 10k because there was an early STATE game that day, I told you NC State Football was a priority in this house..
  4. I need to re-organize my clothes haha sounds weird but a good purge/organization session can work wonders on your mental clarity..I am due for a huge shopping spree, I feel like I got rid of too much!!
  5. I need to maintain my house (I tend to slack off on keeping the house tidy when I am distracted)..major success!
  6. I need to continue to focus on nutrition and keep meal-planning important…Success!
  7. I need to not sit idle for hours at a time (couch potato)...I felt like I was constantly moving last month

So overall, I do believe October was a successful month, minus just a few mess-ups. My lack of bike riding is disappointing haha. I do need to make sure I continue to focus on all of the above goals and remember there is always room for improvement! Never settle!!

I am verry excited for this month; November has the potential to be a BIG month for me, let me tell you why:

  1. It’s my BIRTHDAY month!!
  2. I will reach my “original” goal weight, then I will then set a new goal weight (I already have one in my head) and possibly reach that one too!!
  3. I will be starting Crossfit again – every Tues/Thurs/Sat for 2 months!! In addition to my SYNC classes Mon/Wed/Sun. Crossfit Invoke had a Groupon that I could not pass up!! My friend Rachel bought it – annnndd SYNC ran a Groupon- she got that one too!! So, I will finally have a workout buddy!!!
  4. anndd, a shopping spree will occur!!

I cannot express my excitement for these things in words..November is going to be GREAT!!

HAHAHA, this is how I really feel!


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