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Shopping Spree Success!!

So it finally happened…I re-vamped my wardrobe!!! I have so many options now it’s crazy – I am struggling to figure out what I want to wear. I find myself getting dressed in nice clothes for no reason..typically I am a yoga pants, tee-shirt, and hoodie kind of girl. I wear that everyday for work (minus the hoodie) so it had become a bad habit. Now, I am getting snazzed up to go grocery shopping haha!

My mom and I hit the mall on a mission, boots, pants, shirts, and whatever we came across! Within the first 15 minutes we had found a pair of riding boots that actually fit my genetically large calves! AMAZING – I am obsessed with them (I wore them for 4 days straight)

Love these bad boys!

Love these bad boys!

I also hit a jackpot at The Limited, I walked out of there with 2 pair of jeans (the same size my jeans were in high school), 2 tank tops, 2 sweaters, and something else I can’t remember! 40% off my total purchase, thank you very much! At the end of the day, I came home with 5 pairs of jeans, 6 tops, 1 vest, 3 sweaters, 1 pair of¬† riding boots and a feeling of relief. I finally earned my new clothes!! I am now stylish again haha! I picked up a few more things when I got back to Raleigh – I am set for a while! Such a great feeling!

To re-cap my weigh-in progress, the day before Thanksgiving I weighed in 4 lbs away from my goal, I weighed in 2 days ago and saw that I had gained 2 lbs, now 6 lbs away from the target, weighed in this morning just to check and I am down 1, so now I am 5 lbs away from the target!!! December 20th is the target date for those 5 pesky pounds!! I have been trying to think of a good consequence for not reaching my goal, any ideas?

Now that football is over for us, I have most Saturdays free – to run!!! I’m still undecided but I really want to do the Charleston 1/2 marathon in January – tough decision! There is toooo much fun to be had in Charleston – having a morning race limit my evening activities is not cool! Even though the Cooper River Bridge Run didn’t stop me from having a good time! I’m pretty sure I was either hung over or still feeling the effects of the night before!! However, I think signing up for a race is the only way to get Cale down there, he thinks it’s too expensive ūüė¶

For now, I will just focus on my clothes haha and my goal weight being so closeeee!!!

Yeah buddy!

Yeah buddy!



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Pardon My Absence..

Honestly,  I have had nothing to talk about..nothing new..
Work has been pretty busy and I have just been focusing on my work, workouts, and planning for the holidays. Yes, I do plan too much! I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t started planning 2013..

Anywho, I am currently 3 pounds away from my original goal and 11 days away from my 26th Birthday!! Awhile back, I set my weight loss goal and never really put a hard deadline on it. Well, now there is!! I want to hit my original goal weight by 11/26/2012, I picked this day for many reasons. Mostly because I just want to get there and that would be the best birthday gift ever! I am only 3 pounds away.  I should be able to do that, right..What could stand in my way you might ask?

… 1 birthday dinner tonight, a weekend in Virginia Beach, another Birthday dinner (my mom is amazing and is making a low-carb meal), Thanksgiving in Birmingham, AL,¬† and 1 more NC State food game complete with college friends and a Thanksgiving tailgate!

I am nervous…I know I can make my goal weight by next Tuesday. The real test is keeping it that way and working towards my 2nd and final goal (-10 more pounds) Right now, I am wearing clothes that I wore early in my college career, small clothes!!! BUT, they are college clothes! I am going to turn 26 and I need to update my wardrobe BIG TIME. I am going on a shopping spree when I hit my goal and will be going HAM on some new clothes! I have 2 pairs of jeans that actually fit me right now, 1 pair is white (whomp) and the other are black skinnies (I just bought them 2 weeks ago) Shirts…I have none.

My younger cousins in Maryland got about 4-5 bags of clothes, shoes, purses, anything you could imagine from me. Every time I go into my closet I end up pulling out more clothes to donate, I currently have 2 huge Goodwill bags in my spare room (my dressing room haha) that keep growing and growing. I actually dread finding an outfit, pulling random things together and wearing stuff I haven’t worn in years is a strange process. I literally wore a pair of American Eagle khakis yesterday, the last time I wore them was in 2008. I haven’t bought anything from AE since probably 2006-2007, it was crazy.

I cannot wait to hit my favorite stores that I used to be somewhat limited in what I could buy from, Vestique, Fedora, and some new stores Monkees, Francescas, and I will be buying a few items from Lululemon (finally, I have been filling my shopping cart online for months now) It has been a long time coming, I have been stocking my imaginary closet for months now. This shopping spree has means so much to me, it’s much more than just getting new clothes!

Love this!

This whole outfit please!

I’m also getting my hair did next Tuesday by the best, Dawn @ GlamLounge, she is the jam! I am contemplating a new look, or just going with long layers, what do you think?

Long layers Should I??

                                This?                                                                    Or this?

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“October Challenge” Re-cap and November Goals

November is here!! I’m a few days behind on that news but oh well! Since I set some goals last month in this post¬†I think I need to re-visit them and see how I did..

What I want:

  1. I want to reach my original weight goal by/before the end of the month and go shopping for the first time in a long time!….I am 4 pounds away, so close!!
  2. I want to improve my run times (get faster).. I did get faster!! Improved my 5k, 10k, and 1/2 marathon times
  3. I want to make everyday important…I can say that I tried to do something important each day, but¬†there were definitely days where I threw in the towel early¬†
  4. I want to start riding my bike more…I’ll be honest, my bike tires are flat and I have not gone anywhere near that thing! haha
  5. I want NC State to start winning some Football games haha…well they did beat FSU but blew it against Carolina and UVA!!

What I need:

  1. I need to make it to every class that I sign up for ..missed a few…:(
  2. I need to run hills!!! my least favorite..did that
  3. I need to complete my 1/2 marathon on October 21st (in a decent time) and I need to complete my 10k on October 27th (in a decent time)  ..completed my 1/2 in 2:42, did not do the 10k because there was an early STATE game that day, I told you NC State Football was a priority in this house..
  4. I need to re-organize my clothes haha sounds weird but a good purge/organization session can work wonders on your mental clarity..I am due for a huge shopping spree, I feel like I got rid of too much!!
  5. I need to maintain my house (I tend to slack off on keeping the house tidy when I am distracted)..major success!
  6. I need to continue to focus on nutrition and keep meal-planning important…Success!
  7. I need to not sit idle for hours at a time (couch potato)...I felt like I was constantly moving last month

So overall, I do believe October was a successful month, minus just a few mess-ups. My lack of bike riding is disappointing haha. I do need to make sure I continue to focus on all of the above goals and remember there is always room for improvement! Never settle!!

I am verry excited for this month; November has the potential to be a BIG month for me, let me tell you why:

  1. It’s my BIRTHDAY month!!
  2. I will reach my “original” goal weight, then I will¬†then set a new goal weight (I already have one in my head) and possibly reach that one too!!
  3. I will be starting Crossfit again Рevery Tues/Thurs/Sat for 2 months!! In addition to my SYNC classes Mon/Wed/Sun. Crossfit Invoke had a Groupon that I could not pass up!! My friend Rachel bought it Рannnndd SYNC ran a Groupon- she got that one too!! So, I will finally have a workout buddy!!!
  4. anndd, a shopping spree will occur!!

I cannot express my excitement for these things in words..November is going to be GREAT!!

HAHAHA, this is how I really feel!

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