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Sooo What Do You Eat

on September 27, 2012

I get that a lot! I know my list is pretty basic but I haven’t really delved into the more complex recipes…yet! My work schedule sort of limits what I can eat each night, coming home at 8:00 pm some nights doesn’t really allow for an elaborate meal. BUT, I have turned into quite the whiz in the kitchen, at least I think so! Planning meals ahead of time has helped so much, every Sunday, Cale and I plan our weekly meals. Each night is planned based on when I get home from work and what groceries we have left haha..Cale usually has a little tweak to his meal, he is not low Carb by any means!

This weeks dinners are:

Monday: Keilbasa and mixed veggies

Tuesday: Hamburgers with Swiss Cheese and broccoli (no bun for me)

Wednesday: Lemon Garlic Pork Tenderloin ( I had green beans and Cale had Tater Tots haha)

Thursday: Honey Ginger Chicken Breasts with sugar snap peas (Cale will have rice with his)

Friday: Steaks! Cales favorite – his 2nd favorite is Taco Dinner, I always hear about it Taco Dinner is not on the weekly plan

Saturday: this is a special one, we are going to the IRISH festival in downtown Raleigh so I imagine I may indulge is some Shepherd’s Pie..I am so excited to go to this, I am so proud of my very IRISH heritage and I love IRISH music!!

Sunday: we left this day open, since Sundays are usually “ME” days, I am usually inspired and cook something a little more detailed! I’ll let you know what I make.

My typical day!

Breakfast: the bomb egg “muffins” I haven’t come up with a cool name for them yet but they are sooo good and convenient! I’ll post the recipe tonight..

Snacks: cucumbers, tomatoes, string cheese, sliced deli meat

Lunch: either leftovers from dinner the night before or sliced deli meat with slices of cheese, I guess these could be called ham/turkey roll-ups? with some veggie

Dinner: my new favorite food – salmon (grilled), chicken breasts, hamburgers (no bun), steaks, Kielbasa (very infrequent), basically any meat that can be grilled or cooked in a crockpot

Foods I AVOID: rice, pasta, breads, junk (occasional cheats), most processed foods, sodas (occasional cheat like the time I went to Bull City Burger and Brewery and they gave me this awesome mason jar and served only Boylan Company drinks, Cream Soda will win anyday!!! – other than that Perrier has taken over the needs for bubbles), sugary get the gist!

Back to Bull City Burger for a second, this place is the BOMB!! (yeah, I’m using the Bomb again like its 1998) Their burgers are soooo good, I have sort of made it a ritual after my Saturday double down to eat at a D-town Durham restaurant. Food tastes so much better after 2 hours of crazy, sweaty, hard-work and the loss of about 1200 calories!! Reading this will tell you many reasons why you should go there..Mom, next time you come down and if you ever do a double-down again with me – we are going there!!
Anyway, lots of disgress-ing (not a word) in this post but I hope the food info helps! Best of luck if you are trying to go low-carb, it is not easy in the beginning but trust me when I say…it gets better! (not to sound cliche)


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