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Why/How I changed How I Eat?

on September 20, 2012

I get that question A LOT! Sorry for the rambling back story but it is relevant!

I got engaged Thanksgiving of 2011, I can safely say I was the biggest I have ever been in my life! I was strong, but my cardiovascular fitness was not there AT ALL..not a good look! So Cale’s proposal as with most brides-to-be; panic set in, I have to look my best on my wedding day.

You would think that somebody with my educational background and job title, I would be a self-motivated crazy person when it came to working out…FALSE!! I struggled with the motivation to start and finish, I needed some outside help to get/keep me going.  I used to not be that way! Strange I know, but from the few years I have been in this industry; I know I am not alone. So I started looking around for Boot Camps, workout groups, running groups, etc. Long story short I found a Fitness Camp that met MWF for an hour – I did that for a bunch of months and lost about 10ish pounds. I had some up and down weigh-ins but it felt good to have somebody push me. Added bonus, I was the only one in the camp so I got personal training!! I became good friends with my instructor Cassandra and she kicked my butt every MWF. Anyway, my wedding came and went..I was down about 12 pounds on my wedding day. Every pound counts…right

The Big Day..12 pounds down

This was my heaviest..I’m guessing
This was pre-proposal..Easter 2011

I gained most of it back during and post honeymoon..womp womp! I settled into married life and had to do something about that…so I started running. I registered for my first 1/2 marathon with my mom..crazyyyyy idea. We had both only done a few 5k’s leading up to that.  I got a training plan and stuck to kept me going and I had a schedule (Schedules help with adherence). I also started my Crossfit BootCamp again – did 4 months of that and I stopped weighing myself. My body composition was changing and my cardiovascular fitness increased significantly.

My friend Cassandra opened up her own studio while I was Boot Camping and she started a weight loss challenge, 12 weeks with weekly weigh-ins. You paid $25.00 to get in and every week you had to weigh in with her, if you gained .5 lbs or higher you had to pay a $1.00 per 1/2 pound, if you maintained your weight from last week you had to pay $1.00, if you lost weight, you owed nothing. While she was running this program, I had ended Boot Camp and was focusing on my running and had joined SYNCStudio (my 2nd favorite place) I still don’t know what took me so long to join it but I didn’t come in until about week 5 or 6. The hardest day for me was when I did my first weigh-in with her, I was only down about 3 pounds from December 2011 – End of May 2012. I had been busting my butt with Crossfit BootCamp for 4 months and had 1 month of cycling/TRX/Total Body Circuit under my belt…to have that small of a change.

This is May 2012..only 3 lb difference from Wedding Day! That beautiful lady on the left is my mom!

During my post wedding “fitness rush” I had made some dietary changes, very little eating out/fast food, I added smoothies to my everyday routine, ate more fruit, decreased junk food, cooked “healthy” meals…I did the standard “Watch what you eat” and count calories approach. Obviously that wasn’t enough! After that initial weigh-in, I did some research and looked into Paleo, Zone, and a few more scientific/educated eating styles. I kept running into lower carbs, high protein/good fat styles so I went a little deeper into understanding those types of “eat-styles.”

I was at a turning point in more ways that one, I needed to do this for me and I could not put it off for another day/month/year! So I started that week, I planned the meals for that week, went to the grocery store, got double of everything and went home to put it all together. Cale was a little alarmed by the changes but he has adapted and is on! That first week I lost 4 pounds and since then every week that I have stuck to it, I have lost weight!! Since the beginning of June to this morning I have lost 22 pounds and I feel amazing. I have said is previous posts how I feel when I do over-eat’s disgusting really.  I will list SOME of the physiological, physical, and mental changes I have felt:

  • Bloated feeling- gone
  • Breakouts- gone (even though I am working out multiple times/day..eryday) My skin is clear and feels smoother
  • Fatigue/Laziness- gone (I do love a good nap though)
  • Energy level has increased 100%
  • Might sound weird but my hair feels/looks healthier
  • I feel stronger in my workouts and have so much more stamina
  • I sleep like a baby
  • I have way more confidence than I ever have (I think)
  • My productivity level at work/home has increased significantly
  • Clothes fit that have never fit before (you know those clothes you keep in the back of your closet in case you get small enough to wear them..Yeah I’m wearin ’em)
  • Waking up at 5:00 am is much easier
  • I am happier than ever

and I have become the self-motivated person that I used to be. I no longer have to rely on somebody else to get me going, I am driving myself. Yeah, I take classes at SYNCstudio but nobody is making me, or waking me up (except for Cale sometimes haha) I am excited to get to my workout or complete a run; remember I used to have run anxiety! Now, I am cranking out an 8 mile run before work.. 🙂

This is July 2012 with my handsome husband in the British Virgin Islands..I think I was down 15-18 pounds here

I love sharing with people what I have done to change my eating habits and why, my only hope is that they try it for a few days! Since this post was so long, I will share what I eat in my next post!


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