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Serious Case of the Mondays

on September 17, 2012

Ever have that “I don’t wanna move” feeling on Monday mornings? Who am I kidding..everybody has felt that and there is no denying it! I have noticed that it is significantly worse after a not so active weekend..Monday mornings are sooo much more difficult!

I was a Bridesmaid in my good friend Rachel’s wedding this past weekend and it was a BLAST!! Their reception venue was beautiful and I enjoyed every minute of the prepping and partying!!

The Proximity Hotel in Greensboro, NC

The festivities started Friday night with the Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner..I somehow managed to do awesome with my food selection there! The menu was fixed so you had to select from the options given…we were at an Italian restaurant! I’m not gonna lie, I was a little bit stressed out trying to figure out what I could eat! Thankfully there was chicken on the menu and some greens so all was good – I skipped dessert and felt amazing leaving that dinner! Saturday morning started off great and the smart food selections continued until the mimosas and pinwheel sandwiches came into the picture at lunch (and a tiny fudge brownie- I’m talking 1.5 bites)! WHOOPS…I am not lying when I say this..I felt bloated almost immediately! Our dresses were a really pretty halter, cocktail length dress – I felt like my food baby was protruding and all the world could see! It is insane how quickly that happens, and to think I used to feel like that all the time 😦  I did make smart decisions for dinner and drinks…until the 1 Bud Light appeared… and I felt immediately bloated again haha! AND when I woke up Sunday morning, I could feel the 1 measly beer!

You see how excited I am about that..

Anyway…I thankfully did not trip walking down the aisle and we all made it through the wedding and reception without any crazy accidents or mess-ups! Rachel looked beautiful… like a princess

Lord knows why I am standing like that

The hair and make-up team made everybody look gorgeous…I loved my hair!!

Cale looked so handsome and he was the best Plus 1!!

So back to the original reason for this post…inactive (fitness-wise) weekends make for a tough Monday! I felt it this morning in my Total Body Circuit class and not it a good way! I was struggling through some of my easier exercises..practically panting after jumping jacks and feeling so weak-sauce. I had big plans to run 10 miles this morning after TBC but when I hit the start of that run, I knew it was gonna be a short one. My legs felt like jello and every stride was a struggle, I made it through 4 miles and called it a morning. BUT, I did re-schedule my 10 miler for the originally planned Saturday.

The point is…stay active over the weekend, it makes the rest of the week so much easier. Many people do amazing during the week with their meal planning and execution as well as their workouts, only to let it slip away on the weekends!! That’s the best way to NEVER accomplish your goals. Find ways to do something active and try to hardest to keep your eating in check! Even though I had some minor slips over the weekend, I still remained true to my eating habits 75% of the time. I will toot my own horn and say I am proud of myself for sliding out of bed this morning for my workout…I almost made it to the 3rd chance on my alarm!


2 responses to “Serious Case of the Mondays

  1. AWWWWW can’t see the pics 😦

  2. Kerri says:

    Ahh sorry. I think I fixed it!

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