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Football Season is Here!!!

on August 30, 2012

My favorite time of year has rolled around and I could not be more excited about it!!!! FOOTBALL SEASON!!! Cale and I are both very big WOLFPACK fans and go to every home game and a few away games! When we started dating in 2007 I had no college football team that I was loyal too, Cale on the other hand grew up a DIE HARD Wolfpacker! He took me to my first State football game and I was hooked – I literally got chills when the firecrackers shot off and the team ran out of the Wolves Den onto the field.

You cannot tell me that’s not cool!


Wellll, this weekend is the Chick-fil-A kickoff game in Atlanta and NC State will be beating Tennessee! Being the diehards we are – Cale rented an RV, we invited some friends and we are  headed down to Atlanta tonight!!! I am so thankful my best friend Carlie is coming with us – being in a RV with Cale and 4 of his buddies would have been tough!

Cale is a huge NASCAR fan also – he is not really a redneck I promise! So instead of just going to the game and coming back to Raleigh; we are going to be parked in the infield at Atlanta Motor Speedway!! There is a NASCAR race on Saturday and Sunday, so our weekend is filled with tailgating!! This poses a problem…

Eating “clean” AND tailgating – very difficult to do both successfully! I love a good tailgate, BUT, I am prepared to cheat a little….good news is; I have planned the menu haha! We will have Pulled Pork BBQ, chicken, salmon, steak, and hamburgers (that should keep the guys happy) I’ve also prepared some very unhealthy dips (Crack Dip, Buffalo Chicken Ranch Dip, and a Buttermilk Ranch Cheeseball) and snacks (Muddy Buddies, Ham and Cheese Pretzel Bites, Cookies, and this monstrosity)- taste testing while making them caused me to gain 1.6 pounds!! I’ve already seen the effects of those foods- it’s crazy!

This will definitely be a test of my willpower – there will be some serious intrinsic conflicts going on this weekend. I do plan to workout Saturday and Sunday with Carlie, we both graduated with degrees in Exercise Science so I think we can put together a few workouts. With a 6 mile run to do on Saturday, it should be interesting figuring this route out. The track is 1.5 miles around – I could always just do 4 laps around the perimeter but I would rather not. It’s bad enough the cars go around and around the track a million times!

This will be my home for the 3.5 days

This weekend, I will think before I eat – Do I really want this? How mad will I be next weigh-in day? Is it worth the tummy ache, bloat, and discomfort? If I eat this snack with a million carbs, it will only make me crave more carbs!! I will be active as much as I can and I will not drink beer!!! Good thing my Bourbon and Citrus Vodka have zero carbs!!


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