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Inspiration and fun in DC

on August 6, 2012

This one is going to be a long one…bear with me – so much awesome-ness happened

So this past weekend one of my good friends Rachel had her bachelorette party in Washington, DC!!! I knew going into this weekend it would be hard to stay on track with my healthy eating and working out. I looked up where we were staying (Grand Hyatt-DC, beautiful hotel and perfect location) and of course I looked for the Hotel Fitness Center, then googled the nearest gyms and running routes. Got my priorities in line on that one!  Come to find out our hotel has a running map on their website!! I was soooo excited  – kinda weird I know! The best part was, the route they had mapped out, took you to the Washington Monument, around the National Mall to the Capitol building and back all in about 6-6.5 miles!! Perfect distance for me AND I get to be a tourist at the same time. There are always options to stay healthy while traveling – you just have to be willing to commit to it!

We arrived in DC Friday night and we headed straight out for drinks on top of the W Hotel (Washington Hotel) at P.O.V, such a cool place with the best view! I could see the snipers on top of the White House, of course I took pictures of them and sent it to my husband (he loves those military sniper documentaries.)

See the men dressed in all black-ready to snipe

It was crazy – I felt like they had their scope set on the crazy person in the pink dress zooming her camera in on them. Lauren E. our host for the weekend knew the General Manager at POV and before you know it we have 1 free bottle of champagne – then another one 10 minutes later! Waitstaff mix up – we end up with 2 bottles of champagne to finish in 30 minutes!!! On top of my 2 Jack and Diet cokes, the champagne was tough to finish!

The before photo: from left, Rachel (the bride), Lauren G. (bridesmaid), and Margaret (Maid of Honor)

We took this table of drinks down …

After a job well done

After POV we stumbled and giggled  walked to Chef Geoffs for a yummy dinner. If you like Bacon this is the place to go, Monday-Thursday he has a bacon bar menu! Great options – I had a bacon cheeseburger with no bun and a side of greens – that had an amazing vinegar dressing.

Me and the Bride to be at Chef Geoffs (Lauren G. snagged those flowers on our walk)

We went straight to bed after dinner – I was a little worried about my 7:00 am alarm. I had been looking forward to this run and I was NOT gonna miss it! Wouldn’t you know my alarm didn’t go off – thank goodness my body clock is set at an ungod-ly hour and I got up on my own! I am kind of glad the phone alarm didn’t sound because it would have scared the crap out of the other girls who were sleeping so peacefully! Cale always makes fun of me and my alarm, when it goes off I usually leap out of bed in one intense move. Very ninja-like, but it worries him because he says one day it will give me a heart attack (he may be right) I headed out the door with my iPhone and map feeling so excited and slightly dehydrated- I chugged a water in the lobby before I left.

The run was amazing!!! I couldn’t wait to get to the next monument/building and there were so many other people out running/walking or biking it was so motivating – it was easily my best solo run ever! This is my favorite picture I took while running

Beautiful running day

One of my good friends/old roomie Amber called me while I was running, I forgot she still lived near DC and we made plans to meet up later AND another one of my good friends/old roomie Jen called and said she would be in DC later that evening!! If I haven’t said this already – I have the most amazing friends! I was able to stop and take pics along the way and be touristy, make plans/reconnect with friends but be working on my fitness as the same time (crazy multi-tasker). I even took a shameless self-pic (I love self-pics) or as my youngest sister-in-laws calls them “selfies”

Me on the return part of my run in front of the Capitol building- still smiling

I finished the run in about 1.5 hours (I did get stopped for about 15 minutes for a huge secret service motorcade – very cool to see but they were very rude)  and my Suunto watch told me I burned 900 calories – SCORE!!

The rest of our day was filled with Brunch at MEIN YU and shopping in Georgetown, plus a stop at DC Cupcakes (not as amazing as I thought they would be) – this is where  my foot began to hurt! I think I have Peroneal Tendinitis, no bueno when I have a run this SATURDAY! Time to foam roll and rest!!

That evening rolled around and he headed out for pre-dinner snacks in our hotel (I was starving all day) then to dinner at Graffiato. There we got another free round of champagne because we had reservations at 8:30 but did not get seated until 9:00! After dinner we went to U street – a place called Marvin’s where Amber, Jen and her fiance Dave met up with us! It was soo great to see them – I miss my college friends soooo much! We had a blast catching up and Jen tried to talk me into a marathon (she had to wake up early Sunday to do a 16 mile run!) — I have NO desire to do one of those! Any thoughts on that…

I know this has been such a long post but really a lot of stuff happened that was worth telling. The weekend was a great success as Rachel had a blast and went out with a bang – I am so happy to have been there! After such an eventful few days, it was so nice to come home to Cale and our dog Gracie (who was soo happy to see me) and cuddle on the couch and watch the Olympics!

My silly girl – sitting so lady-like

Perfect ending!!


One response to “Inspiration and fun in DC

  1. BIG FUN In DC 🙂 Enjoyed reading about it xo

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