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Football Season is Here!!!

My favorite time of year has rolled around and I could not be more excited about it!!!! FOOTBALL SEASON!!! Cale and I are both very big WOLFPACK fans and go to every home game and a few away games! When we started dating in 2007 I had no college football team that I was loyal too, Cale on the other hand grew up a DIE HARD Wolfpacker! He took me to my first State football game and I was hooked – I literally got chills when the firecrackers shot off and the team ran out of the Wolves Den onto the field.

You cannot tell me that’s not cool!


Wellll, this weekend is the Chick-fil-A kickoff game in Atlanta and NC State will be beating Tennessee! Being the diehards we are – Cale rented an RV, we invited some friends and we are  headed down to Atlanta tonight!!! I am so thankful my best friend Carlie is coming with us – being in a RV with Cale and 4 of his buddies would have been tough!

Cale is a huge NASCAR fan also – he is not really a redneck I promise! So instead of just going to the game and coming back to Raleigh; we are going to be parked in the infield at Atlanta Motor Speedway!! There is a NASCAR race on Saturday and Sunday, so our weekend is filled with tailgating!! This poses a problem…

Eating “clean” AND tailgating – very difficult to do both successfully! I love a good tailgate, BUT, I am prepared to cheat a little….good news is; I have planned the menu haha! We will have Pulled Pork BBQ, chicken, salmon, steak, and hamburgers (that should keep the guys happy) I’ve also prepared some very unhealthy dips (Crack Dip, Buffalo Chicken Ranch Dip, and a Buttermilk Ranch Cheeseball) and snacks (Muddy Buddies, Ham and Cheese Pretzel Bites, Cookies, and this monstrosity)- taste testing while making them caused me to gain 1.6 pounds!! I’ve already seen the effects of those foods- it’s crazy!

This will definitely be a test of my willpower – there will be some serious intrinsic conflicts going on this weekend. I do plan to workout Saturday and Sunday with Carlie, we both graduated with degrees in Exercise Science so I think we can put together a few workouts. With a 6 mile run to do on Saturday, it should be interesting figuring this route out. The track is 1.5 miles around – I could always just do 4 laps around the perimeter but I would rather not. It’s bad enough the cars go around and around the track a million times!

This will be my home for the 3.5 days

This weekend, I will think before I eat – Do I really want this? How mad will I be next weigh-in day? Is it worth the tummy ache, bloat, and discomfort? If I eat this snack with a million carbs, it will only make me crave more carbs!! I will be active as much as I can and I will not drink beer!!! Good thing my Bourbon and Citrus Vodka have zero carbs!!

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“Eat”style changes

I have been on a weight loss journey for a little while now and as a personal trainer/Fitness Professional with a degree in Exercise Science; I thought it would be easy. I know all the things I need to do and eat, the weight will just fall off, right? I had no idea…I never really focused on weight loss by numbers or really any variables. I just worked out until I fit back into my clothes, I never really changed my diet – the weight just vanished! I’m not sure if this has anything to do with my age (I’m only 25) or if my body is teaching me a lesson but this time has been a STRUGGLE! I am focusing on my numbers and weighing in weekly – I have commissioned one of my best friends to do this also and we e-mail each other every Thursday with our weigh-in. We both like  a little “healthy” competition and it is really helping us.  There have been some very difficult times where no matter what I did, the scale showed no progress and there have been some extremely rewarding times!

I was sort of at a stand still where I could not get below a certain number, I was doing all of the right things fitness wise – I was cycling 5x per week, running 2-3x and circuit training 3x per week mostly at SYNC STUDIO (my favorite place other than my house) That may sound a like a lot but I am already at a certain fitness level where I can do all of those things and recover fairly quickly. I realized I needed to do something about my diet- I was using Calorie Count to track my daily caloric intake (very cool website) and staying under 1750 calories per day – I was averaging a deficit of 750-1000 per day!! To lose 1 pound you need to burn 3500 calories. I should have been losing 1.5 – 2 lbs per week- well that was NOT happening!

Something needed to give!! I had read in the past about high protein-low carb eating and thought I should give that a try, there is a lot of positive studies and research supporting this “eat”style. So I figured out my food list and every meal was planned – my first week I lost 4 pounds! I had kept my carbs under 75 grams per day and my tummy felt flat immediately, I had more energy, and I felt full!

I started this “eat”style in the middle of May and have lost 20 pounds since!!! I will not pretend that it is easy to make this drastic of a change but the results make it more than worth it. “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” I can honestly say, when I do have way more carbs than I should – my stomach hurts like crazy, I feel sluggish and unmotivated, not to mention immediately bloated. Carbs are evil!!!

Take a look at this and see if that does not change your perspective!

This article was really interesting and insightful…

Since changing how I eat, I am happier than ever and am still working towards my goal – I have about 15 more pounds to go!! I hope to be there before November, I have a few runs in late October early November and I would appreciate moving much less weight around!! Try it for 1 week and I can guarantee you will lose a few pounds and more importantly you will feel better!!


Hatas be yo Motivatas

I hope you read that with a little swag…

Last week I mentioned (I was whining about it) my little peroneal tendonitis problem (completely caused by wearing flip-flops walking around Georgetown for 4 hours) to someone near and dear to me. I did not really expect anything but a sympathetic response – to my surprise I heard in return “you’re not a runner” Sayyy Whaaaaaa! That stings a bit.. nothing hurts more than someone telling you “you’re not _____” when that blank is the exact thing that you have been working so hard to be!!!

This is where you turn that comment into your motivation – I’m not a runner? Well, I may not be amazing at it but I gain happiness and strength and mental clarity and confidence and toughness when I run. (I meant to use and in between each benefit to show emphasis – I am loudly pronouncing these things haha) I am gonna run until I can’t run anymore, there are people who want to run but physically cannot. What is stopping me from running – NOTHING! Just like nothing is stopping anyone else from running or biking, or weight training or swimming or whatever – if there is no physical boundary stopping you, why aren’t you doing it?!?! I have big running/fitness plans for the rest of 2012 and 2013 (yes, I have already planned next year – my planning ahead is necessary) Anyone is welcome to join me…

October 2012- Ramblin Rose Durham 1/2 marathon*, Wicked 10K Virginia Beach

November 2012- City of Oaks 1/2 marathon Raleigh, Richmond 8K or 1/2 marathon

December 2012- Surf n Santa 10 miler Virginia Beach

January 2013- Charleston 1/2 marathon and 30 mile bike ride*

February 2013- Virginia is for Lovers 14k

March 2013- DC Rock n Roll 1/2 or Shamrock 1/2 Virginia Beach, NC 1/2 marathon*

April 2013- Cooper River Bridge Run Charleston

June 1st- ZOOMA Annapolis 1/2 marathon, Run for the Dream 1/2 Williamsburg,  OR 1/2 IRONMAN Raleigh

Repeat October, November, and December 2012 events

IF PICTURES/QUOTES GET YOU GOING..These are some of my favorites…just reading these makes me want to go workout..again (I was at SYNCstudio at 545 this morning)

Pinned Image


Mud Run Re-Cap

Sooooo the family Mud Run was this past Saturday and I can honestly say I will never do that again!!! Just under 5 miles of running is an easy run any given day – replace pavement/grass with sand and it’s miserable!!! Here I was worried about what obstacles would be on the course and the sand kicked my a**, I think I can speak for all of us when I say it was not fun! Maybe .25 miles of the course was not sand but the other 4.whatever miles was fluffy hellacious sand. We didn’t reach a mud pit until we were over halfway done – the obstacles were pretty lame. There were a few sand mountains (those were kind of hard) 2.5 mud pits (lame) and “tunnels” to crawl through (they were little kid tunnels) The best part of that race was doing it with my family.

Sea Bees – I give you props on course selection but I have to take a few away for the lack of obstacles…

My fit Family!!! I’m the only one not looking!

Me and my cousin Joel truckin up one of the many hills

Finalllly making our way to the Finish Line


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Inspiration and fun in DC

This one is going to be a long one…bear with me – so much awesome-ness happened

So this past weekend one of my good friends Rachel had her bachelorette party in Washington, DC!!! I knew going into this weekend it would be hard to stay on track with my healthy eating and working out. I looked up where we were staying (Grand Hyatt-DC, beautiful hotel and perfect location) and of course I looked for the Hotel Fitness Center, then googled the nearest gyms and running routes. Got my priorities in line on that one!  Come to find out our hotel has a running map on their website!! I was soooo excited  – kinda weird I know! The best part was, the route they had mapped out, took you to the Washington Monument, around the National Mall to the Capitol building and back all in about 6-6.5 miles!! Perfect distance for me AND I get to be a tourist at the same time. There are always options to stay healthy while traveling – you just have to be willing to commit to it!

We arrived in DC Friday night and we headed straight out for drinks on top of the W Hotel (Washington Hotel) at P.O.V, such a cool place with the best view! I could see the snipers on top of the White House, of course I took pictures of them and sent it to my husband (he loves those military sniper documentaries.)

See the men dressed in all black-ready to snipe

It was crazy – I felt like they had their scope set on the crazy person in the pink dress zooming her camera in on them. Lauren E. our host for the weekend knew the General Manager at POV and before you know it we have 1 free bottle of champagne – then another one 10 minutes later! Waitstaff mix up – we end up with 2 bottles of champagne to finish in 30 minutes!!! On top of my 2 Jack and Diet cokes, the champagne was tough to finish!

The before photo: from left, Rachel (the bride), Lauren G. (bridesmaid), and Margaret (Maid of Honor)

We took this table of drinks down …

After a job well done

After POV we stumbled and giggled  walked to Chef Geoffs for a yummy dinner. If you like Bacon this is the place to go, Monday-Thursday he has a bacon bar menu! Great options – I had a bacon cheeseburger with no bun and a side of greens – that had an amazing vinegar dressing.

Me and the Bride to be at Chef Geoffs (Lauren G. snagged those flowers on our walk)

We went straight to bed after dinner – I was a little worried about my 7:00 am alarm. I had been looking forward to this run and I was NOT gonna miss it! Wouldn’t you know my alarm didn’t go off – thank goodness my body clock is set at an ungod-ly hour and I got up on my own! I am kind of glad the phone alarm didn’t sound because it would have scared the crap out of the other girls who were sleeping so peacefully! Cale always makes fun of me and my alarm, when it goes off I usually leap out of bed in one intense move. Very ninja-like, but it worries him because he says one day it will give me a heart attack (he may be right) I headed out the door with my iPhone and map feeling so excited and slightly dehydrated- I chugged a water in the lobby before I left.

The run was amazing!!! I couldn’t wait to get to the next monument/building and there were so many other people out running/walking or biking it was so motivating – it was easily my best solo run ever! This is my favorite picture I took while running

Beautiful running day

One of my good friends/old roomie Amber called me while I was running, I forgot she still lived near DC and we made plans to meet up later AND another one of my good friends/old roomie Jen called and said she would be in DC later that evening!! If I haven’t said this already – I have the most amazing friends! I was able to stop and take pics along the way and be touristy, make plans/reconnect with friends but be working on my fitness as the same time (crazy multi-tasker). I even took a shameless self-pic (I love self-pics) or as my youngest sister-in-laws calls them “selfies”

Me on the return part of my run in front of the Capitol building- still smiling

I finished the run in about 1.5 hours (I did get stopped for about 15 minutes for a huge secret service motorcade – very cool to see but they were very rude)  and my Suunto watch told me I burned 900 calories – SCORE!!

The rest of our day was filled with Brunch at MEIN YU and shopping in Georgetown, plus a stop at DC Cupcakes (not as amazing as I thought they would be) – this is where  my foot began to hurt! I think I have Peroneal Tendinitis, no bueno when I have a run this SATURDAY! Time to foam roll and rest!!

That evening rolled around and he headed out for pre-dinner snacks in our hotel (I was starving all day) then to dinner at Graffiato. There we got another free round of champagne because we had reservations at 8:30 but did not get seated until 9:00! After dinner we went to U street – a place called Marvin’s where Amber, Jen and her fiance Dave met up with us! It was soo great to see them – I miss my college friends soooo much! We had a blast catching up and Jen tried to talk me into a marathon (she had to wake up early Sunday to do a 16 mile run!) — I have NO desire to do one of those! Any thoughts on that…

I know this has been such a long post but really a lot of stuff happened that was worth telling. The weekend was a great success as Rachel had a blast and went out with a bang – I am so happy to have been there! After such an eventful few days, it was so nice to come home to Cale and our dog Gracie (who was soo happy to see me) and cuddle on the couch and watch the Olympics!

My silly girl – sitting so lady-like

Perfect ending!!

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