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Family Mud Run and Friendly Competition

So my amazing family who I said inspires me pretty much everyday has gone and done it again!  On August 11th, we are fielding 2 teams in the ASYMCA Mud Run in Virginia Beach!!! My team consists of myself, my mom, my Uncle Kevin (who is also doing a Sandman Triathlon), my cousin Chelsea, and another cousin by marriage Joel!! Our team name is “Mudsketeers”, earlier today my mom was registering us under the name “Mudskeeters!” It’s amazing how 1 letter being off can change a word so much – haha!

The course sounds pretty grueling – just less than a 5 mile run with obstacles through the surf, sand, mud and muck on the Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek & Fort Story. Obstacles on the Mud Run course include wire crawl, tire obstacles, mazes and of course the infamous mud pit ~ Not to mention running in the sand! My cousins also have put a team together full of long-legged, fast runners! Again- I am not a fast runner AT ALL and the thought of having to keep up with my really fast Uncle (who I’ve always looked up to because he is AWESOME) is making me nauseous! I know this is supposed to be a “fun” run but my competitive spirit will surely overpower that within the first few minutes!

I am beyond excited for this but seriously need to ramp up my intensity over this next week and a half! My treadmill workout today was taken from PBFingers and it was a “make your face sweat” workout like she promised!


It was perfect!

I also taught my normal Tuesday morning Abs class this morning, and it was intense!

150 reps of Sit-ups

150 reps of Russian Twists

(break them into 3 sets of 50) for :45 seconds in between each set do plank-ups/torture

100 reps of Back Extensions

100 reps of Flutter Kicks

(break them into 2 sets of 50) for :45 seconds in between each set do mountain climbers

50 reps of leg raises

50 reps of what I called Suitcases or V-Ups

My class were total rockstars and killed it – they were so ready to crush this workout at 7:20 am!!

Tomorrow morning I make my return to one of my favorite places – SyncStudio!!!! I have not been since last Wednesday, 1 WHOLE WEEK!!! You might be laughing, thinking I am a little crazy – it’s only 1 week! No!, 1 week away from your routine can lead to 2 weeks, 3, you see where I am going with this! I seriously love this place and I am sure I will post a lot more about my experiences there. I can honestly say that SyncStudio is responsible for getting me back on track with my workouts! Plus, they have this awesome program going on right now that involves some competition. Are you noticing a trend with me?


Consistency is key! It takes 6 weeks for a habit to be formed; give yourself 6 weeks to establish a fitness routine and you will see change!! Stick with it – it does not happen overnight!


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My First Blog post- do not expect greatness

So I decided to break down and start a blog- I read other blogs and get so inspired! I can’t expect you to feel the same after reading my blog but I hope to provide some funny stories and maybe some thought provoking comments! I can promise you there will be random posts and ridiculous/pointless posts but I hope you enjoy it…

I’ll start with a background check:

Born in the Bronx, NY (Go Yankees)

Moved to the beautiful Virginia Beach when I was 4 (our lifestyle is your vacation)

Moved to Oahu, Hawaii in the middle of 4th grade

Moved back to Virginia Beach to start 6th grade

Graduated from Good Ol Kellam High School in 2004 where I played basketball and devoted entirely too much time on that. This is where my Fitness journey will begin. (More to come on that later in my postings)

Went to Longwood University in Farmville, VA to begin my college career that lasted 5 years

-Started as an Athletic Training Major but then switched to Exercise Science (best decision of my life)

Met my amazing husband Cale while at Longwood

Graduated from Longwood with a BS in Exercise Science in 2009

Moved to Raleigh, NC and started working at Lifestyle Family Fitness as a Personal Trainer/Saleswoman for exactly 1 year (hardest and most trying year of my life)

Accepted an awesome position with an amazing company in Corporate Wellness and have been with them for 2 years now. I love where I am!

Now that is out of the way, my story begins….

I have recently – I say recently but it has been about a year since I started to lose my “fear” of running. This “fear” was instilled in me while in high school – preseason conditioning and running for punishment are to blame! I have never been a fast runner and will never be a fast runner, I am however; highly competitive. Thus, the “fear,” I hated running so much I would start shaking and get stomach aches leading up the dreaded “mile run.”

I began conditioning the summer before 9th grade, running in the heat plus the anxiety of being a little punky not even freshman yet running with the big, strong, extremely talented junior and senior girls was a terrible combination. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I cried after conditioning. I’m sure my mom can tell you! Year after year, the stress of preseason did not dwindle – I did, however; get better at it and did not cry as much (I am making myself sound like a big wuss) I promise I am not a wuss or a crybaby! Enter my senior year – we were so motivated and strong-willed, winning was so important to us that year and we wanted nothing more than to be in the best shape of our lives! We began our own conditioning before our actual conditioning started – real go-getters we were! Running “sprints” with huge resistance bands wrapped around us, grueling ab routines, football field suicides, coaxing the track coach to let us use the hurdles- the crazier the better seemed to be our motto. Here is where I was in the best physical shape I have ever been in!

I have never been considered a skinny or scrawny girl! I’ve always had some “muscle” on me – some years more than others (I’m built like my dad -short and stocky!) After preseason I had wittled away to 135 lbs of bones with some muscle – I could run faster than I ever could and had more stamina- but I was unhealthy. Eating was weird for me, I lived on fruit snacks and Cold Stone ice cream (strange I know) My diet was all over the place. The bigger problem was, I still saw myself as a chubby, stocky girl. I was unhealthy!

Throughout college my weight fluctuated but I never weighed myself consistently enough to know the difference. I do know I have multiple jean sizes from those years! After graduation, I started my personal training job at a healthy size (I say healthy because I felt comfortable and my clothes fit.) During my year of PT – I think I gained 15-20 lbs!!! Being unhappy and stressed can wreck your body and your outlook on life!!!

Good thing God puts us through those tests of faith and character because he led me to where I am currently! Everything changed when I got my current job – I think I should just list some of the changes that occurred (there are way too may to discuss in detail)

-I started making $$$$

-I began my Group Exercise teaching career

-I got engaged to my best friend!!

-I married my best friend!!!

-Fitness became a top priority in my life (1 – Family/God, 2 – Friends, 3 – Fitness)

-I began running and enjoying it!! (I even ran a 1/2 marathon with my mom)

My mom and I after our Disney Princess 1/2 marathon

-I have embarked on a weight loss journey to get me back to a healthy place (inside and out)
Sooooo many great things from one life change – it is amazing! If you are not happy where you are – do something about it. There is nothing standing in your way, go after what you want and make things happen!!

-Spit Fire (get it – my blog is called Fitspire)

Urban Dictionary defines SpitFire: Someone that’s wild & free, & that can say what he/she wants to say without a care in the world


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